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We are Embedded System Design and Software Engineering Specialists!

We offer consulting and training services in the field of Embedded System Design and Embedded Software Development catering to various niche and cutting-edge technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, IIoT, Silicon Bring-up and Cybersecurity.

Our Perspective

  • Focus on state-of-the art technologies, Innovate novel engineering solutions, Disrupt with unique methodologies and Deliver with Power and Agility. These are the four tenets on which the Mission, Vision and Value System of Fidility Solutions is built upon

  • Fidility Consulting & Technology centre is focussed on providing specialized engineering consulting services in embedded system design to customers across the globe from a multitude of industry verticals such a Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Semiconductor OEMs and Power utilities.

  • Fidility Learning & Excellence Hub aims at transforming engineers from rudimentary developers to experts and specialists of embedded firmware development by offering comprehensive training programs in Embedded System Design and Embedded Linux Development

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Our Core Expertise

  • We are experts in full-stack embedded software design and development services.

  • Our focus areas include Embedded Software Development for ARM based microcontrollers and Multi-core SoCs, Embedded RTOS porting, Multithreaded Application development and Embedded Linux development using Yocto

  • We specialize in Software Development Life Cycle using Agile methodologies

  • We help customers and engineers to adopt the best version control features and secure coding practices which are paramount for delivering superlative products and solutions.

Our Technology Portfolio

  • Our domain expertise spans across a multitude of such industry verticals including Silicon and Semiconductor, Deep Learning, IoT, Networking and Cybersecurity.

  • We have a rich experience working closely with Semiconductor OEMs for Pre-silicon validation and Post silicon bring-up for successful SoC tapeout.

  • Our experience in bring-up, porting of drivers, optimization and benchmarking of Graphical Processing Units has been very essential for achieving high performance deep learning accelerator engines for AI/ML applications.

  • Our capabilities on device security include enabling and deploying Secure Boot, Secure Firmware Upgrade, Data Encryption and Secure Communication features on IoT Edge and gateway devices and various other embedded platforms

  • With extensive and deep knowledge on Digital Signal Processing algorithms, we have contributed to the development of various applications, encoders and decoders for the power sector and networking products.

Our Services

  • Student Professional Development programs in Embedded System Design and Linux Software Development
  • Corporate training programs in Advanced Embedded System Design and Development topics
  • Technology and Engineering Consulting Services
  • Internships and Projects for Final year BE/BTech students
  • Career Counselling and Placement Assistance for aspiring professionals and graduates