Saritha Boopathy has close to two decades of hands-on experience in embedded software design, development, integration and system validation for System-On-Chip, IoT and Security platforms. Her core expertise includes Board Bring-up, Linux Device Drivers, Linux System Programming and Linux Board Support Package for ARM based multi-core SoC architectures. In her vast career span, she has mentored and guided highly motivated cross-functional teams to successfully roll-out and release embedded products in the market across domains such as Semiconductor, Defence, Manufacturing and Hi-tech industries

An avid engineer turned entrepreneur, she continues to offer expert advice and technical consultation services to clients for some of their most critical programs requiring deep assessment of their hardware, software, and network infrastructure. Her contributions in defining a comprehensive and robust software architecture have been instrumental in accomplishing reliable and resilient end-products by the customers. In her role of a trusted partner, she collaborates with various stakeholders of the project including architects, developers, testers and cross-functional teams moderating all to arrive at a detail-oriented and well-connected system architecture and helping them to achieve common objectives of the project. With her extensive knowledge and experience in software design, development, debug, testing, integration and deployment, she has been enabling the teams to leverage from her expertise and deliver faster and tangible results. 

After gaining mastery over these niche skills, she has begun her pursuit to upskill, reskill and transform students and practising engineers by providing them a training platform that is on par with the current and future industry requirements in the field of embedded system design, thus enabling them to excel in their learning journey and achieve commendable success in their professional career

Saritha Boopathy

Founder & Chief Trainer